Thousands of Women Plan Their Political Takeover
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I’m running for State Representative because as a working mother I know there’s nobody better to represent the interests of working families. And because together, the working people in Michigan’s 6th House District can make sure that policy in Lansing is written by people like us, not dictated to us.

Being a leader in my union and sitting across the negotiation table from corporate bosses, I know firsthand the power of collective action. I’m running because I know when we come together, we can make a difference.

Together, we can ensure that corporations operating in the district act as responsible citizens and add value rather than deplete the neighborhoods where we are raising our children. Together, we can create a successful and stable middle class. Together, we can lead ourselves, speak up for ourselves, and stand for ourselves.

I’m running because it’s time to say that when we give a fair day’s work, we deserve fair pay. It’s time for us to make sure we have access to affordable health care, so we can take care of the very bodies these employers are using to make themselves wealthy. Together, we have the power to be the change our district needs.

The change we need, though, won’t come from career politicians - it will come from us, and it will be delivered by the tenacious daughter of a laundry worker you send to Lansing.

Together, we can win.